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Career and Alumni Services—an invaluable network of photographers

NESOP proudly celebrates over 40 years of educating students to become successful professional photographers. During the past four decades, NESOP has graduated many hundreds of students who now work professionally around the world. Alumni are linked through NESOP’s Alumni Connect Program, which offers a variety of ways to stay a part of the extended NESOP community. As a NESOP graduate, you can receive a quarterly newsletter, interact with fellow graduates in an online forum, share news through an online blog and participate in alumni networking events in Boston and beyond. You will find invaluable resources and support through our alumni network as you embark on your chosen career path.


A Head-Start for the Industry

From your start in the program until well after graduation, the NESOP career and alumni services department is prepared to assist you in establishing yourself as a professional in the field and helping you find full-time and freelance work. We offer individualized assistance to help you identi fy and obtain internships and assisting opportunities while you are in school. In the second year of the program, you begin receiving our weekly job lead e-mail blast and continue to receive job leads until five years after your graduation date (after that five years, you may be kept on the job lead list upon request). Many of our students have the opportunity to work in the field before they graduate. The career and alumni services coordinator is present at your portfolio review to become familiar with your work and regularly meets with you during your course of study to learn about your work and the types of photographic career opportunities in which you are interested.


NESOP also offers a number of opportunities beyond the classroom to help you prepare for your career. In addition to our Lunch Specials, After School Specials and Industry Networking Day, our career and alumni services office keeps students and graduates informed of important events and opportunities in the broader photographic community in Boston and beyond.


Career services are available to all graduates of the Professional Photography Program. Every possible effort is made to place graduates in their desired field.


However, NESOP does not guarantee employment. To receive career and placement assistance as a graduate, your account must be in good standing with the school; you must complete a Placement Record Form and respond to placement surveys made by the school. Appropriate job leads are proactively forwarded to graduates from the school, until five years after your graduation date. 


After this five-year period, you may contact the school for job leads for as many years as you desire. The career and alumni services office e-mails job leads to graduates with access to e-mail, ensuring that the job leads reach you in a timely manner.





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Photo: Alena Kuzub
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