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Lauren Killian

alumna :: 2004 wedding & portraiture photographer

profile-Alum-lauren.jpgI am from Boston, and when I returned home after college, I knew I wanted to start my photography career here. I visited NESOP and fell in love with the environment. Everyone was so friendly and welcoming. When I started the Professional Photography Program, I did not have experience, technical skills or a vision of who I was as a photographer.


The program is great. It forces you to step out of your comfort zone, master the technical aspects of photography and be part of an open, honest forum where you learn to give and accept critique. It’s not a typical classroom environment; you’re expected to be professional, yet it’s informal. The classes are tough, and the expectations are high, but everyone is supportive. You have to be willing to work hard. Being a photographer and owning your own studio is a seven-day per week job. You have to be honest, creative, hard working and able to set yourself apart from others in the field. NESOP gave me the tools I needed to do all of that and to thrive in this industry. I’ve established a very successful wedding and portraiture photography business. Working for myself is incredibly gratifying. All my efforts benefit me. The sense of accomplishment is outstanding. I have the flexibility to set my own schedule, and I love what I do for a living. I have NESOP to thank for helping me attain my goals.


Jeremy & Claire Weiss

alumna :: 2000 advertising & editorial photographers


Claire and Jeremy WeissWe’d known each other since 1995. We went to a local community college and took some photography classes when we decided to move to Boston. Boston is a great city where you can walk out the front door and have everything going on around you; yet, it’s manageable. We knew that we wanted to make a living out of photography and started researching schools. NESOP appealed to us because the professional photography program’s sole focus is photography. Everyone is serious about making photography their career(s). The mentoring is outstanding, and you learn to take criticism and trust your judgment. The faculty helps bring out your personal style and instill confidence in you. The style we developed while at NESOP is still, at its core, our signature style; and it has contributed to our success as professional photographers. The length of the program was also perfect for us. It allowed us to dive into photography head first; and it gave us the skills and business knowledge we needed to make our living in this field.


Magdalena Charylo

alumna :: 2002 fin art & editorial freelance photographer


I had an MFA and was working in commercial television for two years when I made the switch to editorial and corporate photography. It was clear from the start that I needed more technical skills, more artistic flexibility and to learn how to market myself.


I was looking for a great professional school with a focus on technical development and creativity. I found all that at NESOP. The program is so well-structured—unlike the programs I ?researched in my home country of Poland. At NESOP, you get the best technical foundation so that you know how to bring all your creative, wonderful ideas about making images come to life. You are encouraged to build your own artistic vision and make images that are intriguing and relatable. The faculty is friendly and inspiring. They show a sense of humor and patience as they teach you the tools to translate your imagination to image. I made friends from all over the globe, and they opened my mind to completely different visual ideas and cultures. NESOP was the only choice for me. It taught me persistence and how to create a strong, cohesive body of work. At NESOP, there’s a passionate response to everything you do as a photographer. It has helped me to keep challenging myself and making work of which I am very proud.

Advertising & Commercial Visual Journalism
Portraiture & Wedding Architectural
Fine Art—Black & White Documentary
Creative Imaging Arts Fine Art—Color
Editorial & Corporate Fashion

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